Flex Packs

Flex Packs 2019-20

34 Game Exchange Coupon Vouchers!

You already know that a Wheat Kings game is a fun night out with your family. But now, you can share this experience with your business associates and customers. The Wheat Kings’ Flex Pack Exchange Coupon Vouchers can be redeemed at the Keystone Centre box office for any regular season home game. Each book contains 34 vouchers. With the Wheat Kings’ Flex Pack vouchers, you choose what game to attend, how many passes to use at a time and who to give them to. Outstanding flexibility.

The cost for a book of 34 vouchers (only available for adults) is $575 plus GST .

An Exchange Coupon ticket will save you over $6 off your regular admission fee at the Keystone Centre box office.

For more information or to order one call 204-726-3535.